IMPACT DUI Schools & Counseling Center Demonstrates Impairment Levels

Reno DUI Class – Driving Under the Influence is a serious issue to anyone ever impacted by an impaired driver. We realize that in the community the more classes we do the more lives that are saved, and that means more people are positively impacted. Fathers, brothers, sisters and children are affected when someone is injured or killed in a DUI related accident. At IMPACT we take a serious subject and make interesting for offenders to see the fact that drinking alcohol impairs one’s ability to drive a motor vehicle. It shows them with their own eyes and faculties that the more alcohol that is drank impairment increases exponentially. Impairment simulation goggles  demonstrate and simulate the blood alcohol levels from mild impairment level (BAC .04-.06), then legally intoxicated (.08), to insane levels of BAC .25, and .35. Our students get to experience the impairment levels of “buzzed” to “hammered”, to on the verge of coma or death without any danger to them or the community. Book IMPACTS next DUI class


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