DUI class – Reno Sparks Carson -Welcome to Impact DUI Schools & Counseling Center! We offer DUI Classes that will IMPACT lives and make Nevada streets safer for us all.

Reserve Your Seat for DUI Classes, Level 1, 8 hour classes held on Saturdays & Sundays – four hours each. All class times are 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Saturday and Sunday.  Click here to book now.

At IMPACT DUI Schools and Counseling Center the owner is uniquely qualified as your instructor.

As someone having the personal experience of losing the power over alcohol, I understand others that have the disease of alcoholism. When one remembers saying they would never get another DUI after the first offense, it is difficult to admit being a repeat offender.  Never underestimate the progression of alcoholism, which is cunning, baffling, and powerful (and patient). I gravely injured myself in a DUI incident and am alive to tell about it. I hope my story will have enough impact on you, so that you will never repeat your offense like I did. Fortunately, sober for many years, wisdom has come from my experiences. I look forward to sharing with anyone who wants to learn from my Reno DUI class.

I also understand that for many a first DUI is a big mistake that they will never let happen again. They just want to put this period in their life behind them and move on. IMPACT DUI Class is here for you to close this chapter in your life as painlessly as possible.

Impact DUI Classes use fatal vision goggles to demonstrate different levels of impairment for .06 (mild impairment), .08 (legal limit in all states), .10, .25+ (extremely impaired), and up to .35 (coma and, or death possible) Can you walk a straight line after drinking? Can you stand on one foot? Turn on an unfamiliar radio? Stack tumblers? We will have fun trying, but you will notice things are much harder and take longer when wearing the impairment goggles. Join our DUI class now! Click here to book.

DUI Class Instruction Will Include

  1. We will discuss how to avoid another arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs.

  2. DUI Simulation goggles will show you first hand the effects of alcohol on your coordination, depth perception, vision, concentration, speed estimation, tunnel vision, and cognitive deficits. The goggles range from a blood alcohol level of .06 (mild impairment), .08 (legal intoxication) to .15 (severe impairment), .25 (extreme impairment), up to .35 (Coma or death possible). The good thing about IMPACT’s dui classes is that we take DUI seriously, but we have fun when teaching you serious things. We use filed sobriety tests such as waling a line, holding one foot up, building things, playing cards, stacking tumblers, tossing a ball, shooting baskets, building card houses, making domino chains, and other simple tasks. We guarantee you will have a whole new appreciation of how dangerous it is for anyone to drink and drive.

  3. Effects of alcohol on the brain are numerous. Alcohol is poison and the more you drink the more toxic effects it has on your thinking, heart, breathing, and living.

  4. Brain damage caused by alcohol and other substances shown in Single Photon Computerized Tomography (SPECT) scans. Yes, alcohol can cause permanent brain damage.

  5. Effects of alcohol on the body are surprising. Higher risk of pancreatic, liver, throat, breast, colon, and prostate cancer, stroke, kidney failure, liver failure, respiratory failure, coma, esophageal bleeding, and death. 

  6. The effects on the economy are astounding. Some estimate in the trillions in health care costs, lost productivity, absenteeism, sick and personal leave and more.

  7. The effects on employers and what they try to do about it.

  8. Legal statistics.

  9. nystagmus (impairment of eye function).

  10. Altered speed and depth perception.

  11. Collision injuries, disabilities, maiming, and fatalities.

  12. How we all can stay safe.

  13. Increased risks of cancer.

  14. Fatty liver  or Cirrhosis, jaundice.

  15. Pancreas damage such as pancreatitis, insulin production problems.

  16. Heart damage cause by alcohol. The heart can become enlarged and less able to pump blood (myocarditis). Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart. Alcohol is a caustic chemical that causes inflammation where it touches throughout the body.

  17. Alcohol toxicity. Alcohol is used to sterilize an area before injection.

  18. Strokes are the death of brain cells due to no blood supply causing permanent damage up to and including death.

  19. Concussions and head injuries occur often from drinking and falling.

  20. Brain bleeds or aneurisms, subdural hematomas, sub arachnid hematomas are possible.

  21. Esophageal bleeds occur frequently due to the throat being inflamed by alcohol. It can happen from drinking just one time.

  22. Kidney damage or (renal) failure can happen resulting in the need for dialysis and, or transplant.

  23. Dialing or texting under the influence.

  24. Alcoholism.

  25. Substance use disorders.

  26. Fatal effects of alcohol.

and much more.

We strive to make our DUI classes fun, comfortable, and informative.

Our goal is to make Nevada streets safer for us all! Our group room is spacious and chairs are armless and comfortable. The temperature is warm in the winter and cool in the Spring and Summer. Coffee, Tea, and Water are available. The counseling office is comfortable also. You will notice a homey atmosphere with lots of oak, a roll top desk, and inspirational and motivational décor.

Did you know that impaired driving is the number one cause of motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities? Click here to learn more

Did you know that impaired driving is the leading cause of death on Nevada roads?
Click the link to learn more.  Zero Fatalities

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